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At Smile Sensations Dental, our goal is to help our patients feel at ease in our care. But with so many people suffering from dental fear or anxiety, we have our work cut out for ourselves. Please understand that you are not alone. We want to change the old perception of what it means to visit the dentist.

Does Dental Anxiety Affect Health?

Between 9% and 20% of Americans avoid visiting the dentist regularly because of anxiety. Practicing preventive care and quickly addressing any issues in your teeth and gums is critical to your oral and overall health. When someone avoids necessary dental procedures, it can lead to adverse outcomes like gum disease and tooth decay which definitely affect the rest of the body. Please read below to learn your Winston-Salem dentist’s tips for better coping with dental anxiety once and for all.

#1 Acknowledge Your Fear

Accept that you have a phobia and try to understand why you have it in the first place. You may find it interesting that there’s maybe only one thing that makes you anxious. For example:

  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Embarrassment about dental health
  • Bad past experiences

#2 Find the Right Fit

Choose a dentist that will make you feel comfortable and confident about the care you’re receiving. Look for a dental practice that offers the following:

  • A caring and friendly staff
  • Great reviews 
  • Simple answers to questions
  • A zen-like atmosphere
  • State-of-the-art dental care and treatments

#3 Breath Deep and Consider Sedation

Plan to get in the right mindset for 5-10 minutes before your dental visit. Stretch, meditate, or do some breathing exercises. If you suffer from extreme anxiety and those tips aren’t helping, ask your dentist about sedation dentistry. Nitrous oxide or sedatives can help you stay calm during your procedure.

#4 Bring Someone With You

Bring a friend or family member to be with you during your procedure. Support near the dental chair or in the waiting room may help you feel safer and at ease.

#5 Don’t Rush

Plan to arrive a bit early to your dental appointment to give yourself time to breathe. Nothing spikes cortisol more than having to rush to a meeting. Relax in the waiting room, talk with the front desk staff, and ask any burning questions you have about your dental treatment.

#6 Share Your Feelings

Don’t suffer in silence — tell the dental team you feel anxious. A good dentist’s goal is to give you the personalized care you need to help you have a relaxed experience. Let the dental team know your level of comfort by raising your hand.

#7 Ask Questions

Always voice your concerns or discomfort. Your Winston-Salem dentist accommodates your requests, explains tools and possible sensations, and ensures you’re comfortable the entire time.

Your Winston-Salem Dentist is Here to Help

Smile Sensations Dental is here to help you have the best dental experience possible. Your appointment is catered to your needs and ensures you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the procedure. Don’t let your dental phobia scare you out of your oral health.

Please let us know how we can provide the best experience for you. Call your dentist in Winston-Salem, Smile Sensations Dental, to schedule an appointment. Ask us about our other dental services, like dental implants and teeth whitening